Singapore defines a smart city as a city that accurately identifies its problems and challenges through technology. The challenges comprise safety, enduring communities, and opportunities by adopting digital technologies. This means technology acceleration should be oriented to the care for citizens rather than blind advancement.

Singapore’s government has taken steps for a new administration approach towards private and public sectors to promote and implement innovative methods in its industries. The initiatives in such industries include urban living, transport, health, digital services, and start-ups & businesses. Newly introduced legislation helps the growth of the city by researching collaboratively with private and public sectors to make sure all levels of society can take advantage of future technologies.

Since the early 2010s, more than 50,000 surveillance cameras have been installed to upgrade the level of safety, which complements the strict crime policies. The government has also given better access to maps for the citizens to compute additional information such as traffic situation, animal sightings, or favourable restaurants. Now, Singapore is thought of as a world leader in safety, mobility, and governmental services – it will keep growing at a steady pace in the future.

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