Amsterdam smart city projects are divided into 5 major components – Digital City, Energy, Mobility, Governance & Education, and Citizens. Amsterdam Smart City is the main innovation platform for smart cities, imposing urban challenges on corporations, citizens, institutions, and the municipality. The vision of Amsterdam Smart City (ASC) is to generate sustainable economic and environmental growth while maintaining a high quality of life.

Amsterdam has distinct advantages as the finest testbed in Europe for a smart city project vs. other cities in Europe as it has one of the best airports in the world with a very large pool of talent in addition to strong relationships between and private and public sector to execute smart city project now and in the future. With these benefits, it attracts leading partners, developers, marketers, and data scientists from all around the world. Amsterdam currently is home to around 1,200 start-ups, 128 scale-ups, and 1,660 tech companies in total with the population of just over 1 million. The economy is continuously growing with more jobs being created and interested peaking in industries such as IT, healthcare, tourism, and hospitality services.

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