New Delhi’s economic growth has been phenomenal in the past decade and it is constantly increasing. Service sectors that were mainly responsible for the growth include banking, real estate, trade, and tourisms. The Delhi government states there is high investment potential in the IT and small-scale industries like small factories such as vehicle parts, shoes, and etc. The city also attracts many people from adjacent states for its high-quality cultural industry and transportation infrastructure. New Delhi’s exponential growth is the result of the city’s business competency (30% of the workforce is certified for high-level occupations like engineering, medicine, law, and consultancy), excellent institutions, big market (real estate, tourism, and IT), and investment-friendly policies.

Global Reach and Tata Group, who are two of the largest companies in India have picked New Delhi as one of the top spots for prospective projects due to the city’s uniqueness as they strive to build infrastructure and services to provide a more innovative and upgraded lifestyle to the people.

Another company called GARV Toilets successfully established smart toilets across New Delhi, which are designed to clean themselves after usage to reduce the stigma of public toilets being dirty. This system also lowers the operating cost while giving information about hygiene behaviour of users.

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