Catalonia in north-eastern Spain has a population of 7.6 million with €242 billion GDP coming from various industries in relatively balanced proportions. Most of Catalonia’s industrial GDP – 21% of total GDP, emanates from Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of Catalonia and has been supporting industries in other cities as well. Barcelona is famous for attracting visitors due to its historical architecture, design, cuisine, and leisure. It is also an influential city that brings in businesses and international investors. The number of start-ups is over 1,300 in every sector, making it one of the most active innovative ecosystems in Europe.

The main technology that shaped today’s infrastructure in Barcelona is the proper use of IoT for urban systems. Streetlights, waste disposal system, city bikes, bus transit system, noise sensors, and irrigation structure are all included. Barcelona’s key plan for construction of Smart City is cooperating with private enterprises. Most of the smart city projects in the city share a goal of raising digital business opportunities and creating tech workforce. Barcelona will remain as one of the top smart cities around the world, always on the forefront of modern development.

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